Unapologetically Bold Since 2001

At INSM Sport, we are all about the fit--especially Slim-Fit! It is what drove us to start the company back in 2001. At that time, men's pants had no fit or curve--just generic high-waisted pants in horrible fabrics. And shirts were big and baggy. While it is hard to fit every body, we will help you to decide which Inseam products and what sizes work best for you.

  • For Pant and shorts:  Our garments do tend to run on the more tailored size in the waist.  We use limited vanity sizing  since we ship so much to our European customers. This means if you are a size 32 in some brands for example, you may need to go up 1 size, to a 33, in our garments.  The fit of each of our pants vary and there is a "Fit Guide" at the bottom of each items description to help you decide.  For most accurate reading, please use a flexible tape measure to take an accurate measurement just below your belly button.  Pant Length: Currently, ALL our pants are hemmed to a 34" unless otherwise noted. This helps us to keep our prices down since we don't have to stock a gazillion waist/length combinations.  Personal hemming is recommended.

  • For our T-shirts, here is a quick reference guide: Small (chest 34-36 inches), Medium (chest 38-40), Large (chest 42-44) and XL (chest 46-48) We carry two basic fits: slim-fit and regular slim.

  • For our Woven shirts: use this guide: Small (neck 14-14 1/2"/32-33 sleeve), Medium (neck 15-15 1/2"/ 33-34 sleeve), Large (neck 16-16 1/2"/34-35 sleeve) and XL (neck 17-17 1/2"/36 sleeve)  The body of our shirts does tend to run on the "tailored" side since we are all about slim--always have been.

If you still have questions, please feel free to email us from the Contact Us Page.