Unapologetically Bold Since 2001

Our Story

Back in 2001, We named our new business, Inseam Clothing. Our vision was to create our own brand of unique men's pants based on our love of them--the word "Inseam" refers to the measurement of the inside of a pant length. I had grown up wearing real khakis from army/navy stores as part of my school "uniform" and Jeff wore the real deal in Military school. Everyone said we were crazy because they are the hardest garment to manufacture, tricky to sell...and we wanted to make them in America?  Well, it has been 18 years now and we have built quite a reputation for our pants, shorts and shirts. ALL our garments are still designed and manufactured in the USA. Call us crazy and different!  Even though we have grown our product line to include Workforce by Inseam as a sub-brand, we still produce in small batches to keep an eagle eye on quality. 

What began as military-inspired menswear, has grown in scope, but never losing elements of its heritage. Inseam borrows from the timeless clean-line aesthetic and functionality of military and workwear clothing and uses that to add a spin to these classics to keep them relevant and contemporary. Inseam now includes a range of pants, shirts, shorts and accessories--focusing on rugged, well crafted and unique items. 

We believe in giving you an amazing product, great customer experience at a fair price.  We want you to shop our store over and over and then tell all your friends about us. It's that simple.                  Cheers, Jeff and John